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Passion led us here.

Cecilia & Malissa first met as teenagers at the now well-known Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York. Even then, they were driven by a passion for bringing people together across differences. So it made sense that when they re-connected 20 years later, they took a bold step in founding Stanton Adams Consulting. With Cecilia’s experience in social science research and Malissa’s background in organizational behavior, the two set out to help organizations across the country identify and address diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges.


(Sidebar: they also got married!)


On their journey, it became evident that, regardless of industry, size, or geographic location, organizations were struggling with adapting to the changing demographics. 

Sometimes these challenges resulted in issues of race, gender, religion, or generation but more commonly, the problems surfaced as employees feeling disconnected from leadership. Conversely, leaders were wanting to do what it takes to change the culture but weren’t sure of exactly how to do it.


Often, what employees and leaders wanted was the same, but the perceptions on how to get there were vastly different. The Stanton Adams team believed that cultural awareness was a first and critical step for these organizations to successfully build a culture of inclusion.


While requests continued to pour in for strategy development and training, the Stanton Adams duo was devising another strategy. One that could reach people where they were. That’s when they took yet another courageous step in piloting the Diversity Institute workshops.


The first workshop was offered in 2015, with a total of six participants. Never to be deterred, they continued refining their offerings and identifying a broad network of diversity trainers that could provide the expertise needed for this new venture. By their second year, the workshops were growing in size, and they expanded into the East Coast.


Confident in their initial vision, the Stanton Adams team took another BIG, BOLD step on September 4th, 2019 and officially launched The Diversity Institute. With a larger team of practitioners and trainers, the Diversity Institute continues to provide a Brave Space where leaders can increase their cultural awareness, deepen their knowledge, and practice skills in a supportive learning environment.


Malissa Adams currently serves as the Executive Director of the Diversity Institute. Cecilia Stanton Adams serves as Board Chair, emeritus and serves in an executive capacity for a global financial insurance firm. The two live in their Minneapolis home with two dogs and one cat. They enjoy spending time with their daughter, Celisia Stanton who lives locally.

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